Huntington Video Productions specializes in corporate videos, marketing videos, point-of-sales informational videos, training and instructional videos, internet streaming videos, and documentaries.

With work experience in public relations and advertising, creating marketing and advertising campaigns, Bruce can design your business video, write the script, and develop the production storyboard. He will work closely with you and will take your project ideas, put form and substance to them, and create a video that will work for you and your business/agency.

During production meetings with Bruce, you will collaborate to determine the following:
  • The message/impact the video should get across to the viewers.
  • Who/what/where is the desired audience.
  • What you expect from the viewers as a result of their watching the video.
  • The most beneficial way to present and view your video.
Your finished video can be put onto DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, MiniDV, or Beta SP (for television), in either NTSC or PAL formats.